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Experiments with enough – Day 95

Experiments with enough – Day 95

Permaculture Malta day. To facilitate my work I’ve moved to Bahrija for just over two days. It feels easier to dedicate myself to something when I’m in it. Distractions seem to have less effect. I managed a site update on, there’s still much to be updated there but it’s definitely progress. Tomorrow it’s documentation and writing up new projects with Peppi.   

Photo: The sunset I missed because I was absorbed in my computer. Oh well! Taken by Johannes Buch who did not miss sunset.

Experiments with enough – Day 85

Experiments with enough – Day 85

Today is brought to you by a lot of thought. Thought about how to make the house I live in look better without investing too much time and money into a rental accommodation that might disappear any day thanks to Valletta’s rate of gentrification. Thought about owning a house again. Thought about how I could have written more / better / different things about the Venice Biennale. Thought about what I have not written about. Thought about how best to document projects in a way that is not too time consuming and yet brings out the gist of things (Inspired today my Maja Kuzmanovic’s documentation of Tasting Tomorrow). Thought about my tax/ vat return payments. Thought about Ernesto Neto’s magnificent and oh-so-communicative piece at the Biennale. Many other floating, undocumented thoughts.

In between the thoughts, I also managed some good house cleaning, a parental visit, an unsuccessful search for non-sucky curtains and finally an evening at Bahrija writing up documentation for the Permaculture Foundation.

Experiments with enough – Day 29

Experiments with enough – Day 29

Ingredients for a good (44.1 part) Sunday:

10 parts nature

3 parts painting a geodesic dome

9 parts falling in love with said dome and dreaming of sneakily moving in when Peppi isn’t looking

4 parts sunshine

1 part yoga and meditation

3 parts yummy vegan food

1 part watching Riviera sunset with friends

1 part reading

9 parts hanging around with two awesome humans

1 part planning a birthday get-away

0.1 part Twistees


Optional not so helpful add-ons:

1 part feeling guilty about not doing any computer work

1 part laziness / hesitation that stops you from jumping in the sea

Experiments with enough – Day 28

Experiments with enough – Day 28

A day of restoration, a little work and coping with a monkey mind. I woke up at Bahrija this morning, wrapped up in my sleeping bag in unusual surroundings. I sorely needed to be here and the circumstances helped make the experience stronger as ongoing electrical works meant we had no electricity for most of the day. I cooked, helped with some light work on the beautiful new geodesic domes that are currently popping up here, and managed to fit in some work in the short time window until my laptop battery died, which was a welcome time limit. I was really forcing myself to work while my body just wanted to lay on a rock in the sun. I did actually do some sun worshipping, which was wonderful and really recharged my system with super vibes.

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