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Baobba, Gustavo Tanaka and Open Business (Empresa Livre) in São Paulo

Baobba, Gustavo Tanaka and Open Business (Empresa Livre) in São Paulo

So here I was in São Paulo, fresh (?) from a 14hour flight all the way from Istanbul. All of 10,583 km if the board near Istanbul’s Basilica Cistern is to be believed.

I came here with very little knowledge of the place. I had not looked up the sights, I had not learnt any Portuguese and I was about to meet my lovely host, Carolina, for the first time after having had not more than 5 short conversations with her on Facebook. Yet it all felt strangely good.

My journey to Brazil feels like a bit of a journey into my own self. I came here because it kept coming up while meditating and I decided to just go with it without thinking too much (a process I often indulge in).

I specifically started with São Paulo to connect with Gustavo Tanaka and the group of people he was working with. I discovered (like Colombus and America) Gustavo through one of this articles that I really identified with. I have given up being employed, live a somewhat nomadic life, am embarking on the purposeful entrepreneur journey where business is a lot more than just a means of making money, eat a vegetarian and where possible organic diet (mostly because of the better impact that this has on the planet) and am increasingly opening up to spirituality. In short I am (almost) everything the article described.

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