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Experiments with enough – Day 96

Experiments with enough – Day 96

I could seriously get used to this. Another Bahrija day at a relaxed but steady pace. Morning walk, some sweeping, meditation. Breakfast, some more cleaning and settling down to my computer mid morning to write some documentation with Peppi. We eventually stopped for lunch, then did some more work till 4pm when we started to make dinner, showered and eventually went for a walk up on the cliff and admired the para glider overhead.

This is how life can be for all of us if we decided to work together rather than segregate our resources and and worry about how we will all be jobless and moneyless very soon. We can all make our lives simpler and more in tune with the things that will support human beings in the long term. We can have the time and the possibility to enjoy the things that are already around us. To enjoy each other. To really live.

Why do we so often choose the hamster wheel instead?

Experiments with enough – Day 65

Experiments with enough – Day 65

🎤Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 65? 🎤

Bahrija day through and through. Waking up at Bahrija Oasis has a special quality to it. There’s a kind of peace that’s difficult to find in other places. I woke up and went directly to writing again, this time on my laptop.

After that I ventured out and did a little wander of the land, eating wild flowers and fennel as I walked. I eventually climbed a big rock (realising how out of climbing practice I am) and did an amazing morning meditation overlooking the sea.

I eventually climbed down, met Jo somewhere on the path (as you do) and went back in for wheatgrass shots and smoothie breakfast, most of the ingredients for which had been grown on the land. This is what luxury looks like for me. Eating locally grown, pesticide free food in beautiful surroundings with great people.

The boys went down to finish varnishing the geodesic domes while the girls made food and I tried to come up with an organisational game plan for the foundation. I started using Trello to create some order and timeline to the multitude of tasks that need to be done in the next few months.

We eventually all stopped for another amazing and mostly homegrown lunch followed by Peppi and myself gathering the papers we need to submit to the Commissioner of Public bodies to officialise the changes we made to the statute of the Foundation. Who knew it would take so much paperwork and running around between lawyers, notaries and public offices?

A little walk, some hanging, reading and eventually the drive home to Valletta for a lot of (yummy) food, some work and welcome sleep.


Experiments with enough – Day 59

Experiments with enough – Day 59

Oh look, another day over. And the 100 days of this diary are going past at wonderous speeds.

A morning of intense work at Corinthia, an afternoon of packing artefacts and picking up signs for the Biennale exhibition. Perhaps they make up one ‘normal’ ish day together through the diversity of tasks there.  What is a normal day really?

This evening I found myself at Bahrija for sunset after I gave up on working beyond 5 ish. I went there on an errand but was so amazingly grateful to be there among the birds, bees and the occasional no entry sign.

It all feels like a completely different universe to the one I left behind this same afternoon. Question is though, which of the two is real?

Experiments with enough – Day 29

Experiments with enough – Day 29

Ingredients for a good (44.1 part) Sunday:

10 parts nature

3 parts painting a geodesic dome

9 parts falling in love with said dome and dreaming of sneakily moving in when Peppi isn’t looking

4 parts sunshine

1 part yoga and meditation

3 parts yummy vegan food

1 part watching Riviera sunset with friends

1 part reading

9 parts hanging around with two awesome humans

1 part planning a birthday get-away

0.1 part Twistees


Optional not so helpful add-ons:

1 part feeling guilty about not doing any computer work

1 part laziness / hesitation that stops you from jumping in the sea

Experiments with enough – Day 28

Experiments with enough – Day 28

A day of restoration, a little work and coping with a monkey mind. I woke up at Bahrija this morning, wrapped up in my sleeping bag in unusual surroundings. I sorely needed to be here and the circumstances helped make the experience stronger as ongoing electrical works meant we had no electricity for most of the day. I cooked, helped with some light work on the beautiful new geodesic domes that are currently popping up here, and managed to fit in some work in the short time window until my laptop battery died, which was a welcome time limit. I was really forcing myself to work while my body just wanted to lay on a rock in the sun. I did actually do some sun worshipping, which was wonderful and really recharged my system with super vibes.

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