Hosting & Process Facilitation

We are living in times when humanity must come together to figure our way through the many complex issues we currently face. I’m a firm believer that we can only do this by creating spaces where we can truly listen to each other, tap into collective wisdom and get on with what we feel is our role in moving to a situation that feels better for all of us.

In my own life at home, work, in groups and organisations, I can see so clearly what a big difference good hosting and facilitation make. A thought out setting, the right combinations that act as catalysts, intentional process design, honed facilitation tools, a warm hosting team and skilled harvesting can move through chaos towards harmony, ensuring that we can reap the best from everyone in the (physical or digital). 

Services I offer include :

  • Values, Mission and / or Vision articulation processes.
  • Process design and /or facilitation for meetings & gatherings (online/ offline).
  • Coaching on how to implement simple hosting tools in your organisation or home.

The Art of Hosting

Pro-action cafe during Art of Hosting Training in Denmark

Pro-action cafe practice during my 2019 Art of Hosting training in Denmark. The Art of Hosting community page describes hosting as “an emerging set of practices for facilitating group conversations of all sizes, supported by principles that: maximize collective intelligence; welcome and listen to diverse viewpoints; maximize participation and civility; and transform conflict into creative cooperation.”

Some past facilitation work: 

  • Values articulation exercise with Salzburg Global and Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron in Austria.
  • Facilitation of (online) internet literacy sessions with secondary school students in Malta. 
  • Three-year-long facilitation practice with The Amber Spark and various collaborators and partners in the arts and culture field in Malta. This included vision and values articulation exercises, peer coaching, strategy defining sessions, marketing plan creation sessions, video interview facilitation and strategic consulting. 
  • Online facilitation for Salzburg Global’s 2020 Cultural Innovators Forum.
  • Hosting of Time’s Up (Linz, Austria) Practical Utopia Directorate events at the Studio Solipsis in Rabat, Malta.
  • Workshop facilitation as part of Transparadiso’s Valletta 2018 / European Capital of Culture project Times of Dilemma.
  • Identity process facilitation to understand, articulate and communicate the mission, vision and values of Full Bloom Community based in Southern Oregon.
A photo of people sitting on a red sofa and standing nearby with a backdrop of a building site.

On-street hosting as part of Parking Space Events – a series that transformed parking space into places where impromptu discussions between strangers can easily flow. 

People standing in a big open space during an exercise of community mapping in southern oregon

During my first facilitation job at Full Bloom Community in 2014 I learnt a lot about how communities can come together to maximise potential and resources. The above is a Community Mapping initiative that helped tap into local haves and needs.