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This section should tell you what I do in a list of simple services. The real version is that my list is constantly in development, with an endless number of possibilities created from the building blocks below.

Words are perhaps at the basis of most of the things that I do. Over the years I have figured out that I am good at driving things down to their essence, at describing things that seem too complicated or abstract to put into words.

I have worked in publishing doing everything from writing to editing, to designing, to selling ads; giving me a handy set of skills for creative projects. I also spent years working on the branding and marketing of luxury hotels where I went through the process of creating world-class brand guidelines and implementing them across a multi-national company. Which has also proven to be pretty helpful.

During the last 4 years I have freed myself from the structure of a job to be able to explore how I can best serve through my particular set of skills, traits, experiences. I have found myself doing a lot more writing, gravitating towards art projects and avidly seeking bridges between the many separate cells we call industries, sectors, job titles, subjects.

Greta Muscat Azzopardi

Some things I've done recently


Bettina Hutschek and Raphael Vella have curated Malta’s first entry in the Venice Art Biennale for the last 17 years. Entitled ‘Homo Melitensis, An Incomplete Inventory in 19 Chapters, the exhibition explores the fragmented, multidimensional, often contradictory Maltese identity with a light hearted, self-deprecating approach. I assisted the curators with research, logistics, communications and everything in between, helping this ambitious project come to fruition.

19 Chapters all the way from A: Il-Mam(m)a (both the mother and the root) to Ġ: Subjects to avoid when talking to strangers, GĦ: Gender and/or to to O: Et Cetera and everything in between, Homo Melitensis is not a simple exhibition to translate into social media platforms. Across Instagram, Facebook and to a lesser extent Twitter, I’m slowly unraveling Homo Melitensis one post at a time.

It all started when I participated in a food initiatives mapping workshop organised by FoAM who describe themselves as a ‘transdisciplinary laboratory at the interstices of art, science, nature and everyday life’. I was interested in food futures based on my work with the Permaculture Research Foundation and the Malta Water Association and was very intrigued by FoAM’s transdiciplinary approach.

Impressed with the first workshop, I moved onto second and third workshops within which we imagined and wrote four possible scenarios for Malta’s food future and played with what those would look, feel, taste like. Collaborating with Tasting Tomorrow creators Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney, we made the scenarios tangible through culinary prototyping sessions. These sessions created menus from the future together with stories, artefacts and documents for an Archived Futures Harvest exhibition (including an opening night food-tasting performance) that was part of the Presents of the Future programme, curated by Time’s Up,  for the 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Project documentation and photos by FoAM.

I write text that describes what companies and organisations do in simple, straightforward, accessible language. Some clients I have done recent (online or offline) copywriting work for include: PlanIt Travel, G3 Group, Attrans Ltd, Art Dinouveau, Full Bloom Community, EC Malta and Pro Research Services.

Commissioned by exhibition curator Maren Richter, I collected a series of narratives, facts, ideas, people and locations that pool around the sea and presented information that could help anchor participating artists in the local context. In phase two of the exhibition preparation, I worked on organising and helping to facilitate workshops between writers, musicians, Ghana (traditional Maltese folk singing) singers, academics and citizens that created dialogues around the many interests within urban development.

A personal project and an attempt to keep my sanity during a crazily busy period. I was doing marketing consultancy for Corinthia Hotels (who I used to work for) and assisting the Homo Melitensis curators while also keeping up with a few ongoing side jobs. The old-school blog helped me carve out a time for self-reflection out of every day and ended up gathering quite a regular following from those who found my somewhat unconventional way of life interesting.

It started out as an email newsletter, it developed into a website that follows my curiosity around Malta and the people I find curious. It’s gotten somewhat stuck in recent months and I hope to rekindle it as soon as possible. Collaborations welcomed.

I’ve become a little obsessed with documentation of late. I’ve always been keen on finding and recording the essence of things, with sifting through volumes of material to find what really matters. Recently questions like ‘ How do we document processes in a way that is easily accessible to others going through similar things?’, ‘What documentation methods are easy to maintain, especially for artists who are deeply immersed in their process?’, ‘What accompanying information draws attention in, lengthens attention spans, encourages depth?’.

Some of my experiments include documenting Curatorial School (also last year)reporting for some of the sessions at Sustainable Brands, writing about my artistic residence experience in Italy, concentrating my experience with leaving corporate work and my identity search into one long essay, writing a Maria Popova style book report. I’m constantly taking notes, filling diaries, notebooks with ideas, points, connections. I definitely want to explore this more.

An exploration of outdoor space with my two co-conspirators Johannes Buch and Letta Shtohryn. We take over a parking space for at least two hours and do something in between the lines. So far we’ve explored eating rituals, neighbourhood interactions, who trusts most between tourists and locals, the neighbourhoods of Valletta, privileged parking spaces (with sweeping views), feeling sandwiched between cars, the discomfort of having a bbq bang in the middle of the city and more. The experiments continue. Collaborations are very welcome.

I’m part of an NGO called the Permaculture Research Foundation.

And the Malta Water Association.

I studied Geography and hold a teacher’s warrant.

I’m a big fan of Brain Pickings.

And a new fan of Agnes Denes.

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