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Hello. I’m glad you landed here in my spot of semi-curated web space.

My name is Greta. I’m in my late thirties and it feels like I have finally figured out what I’m particularly good at and how that can serve others. Some would call it my purpose, calling, what my particular set of qualities and experiences can best accomplish. I have lived and worked in quite a few diverse situations from a house-owning, corporate marketing phase to a nomadic, suitcase-contents living, life-exploring space, to a company owning, community-living mum with many other in-betweens. Perhaps my favourite lesson from life has been to learn to let go, accept and enjoy the journey (always taking notes).

Over the years it has become apparent that I have a way of communicating that others find clear, concise and essential. After using this as a way of helping others communicate their messages online and offline through writing, marketing and website building for about 15 years, I started finding myself in spaces that required skills I had a predisposition for but not yet delved into. I have used the past few years to train and practice facilitation and coaching, two areas that have fit in like missing jigsaw pieces in my life. I now offer both as a service to others, combined also with communication mentoring that also draws on my previous work along with these new skills.

You can find a short description of what I do below. If you’re interested in working with me or knowing more, please do get in touch on

What I do


Life coaching with a neuroscience foundation. Coaching sessions can help you through transitions, to make desired change and reach personal or professional goals. I combine my own intuition and presence with the latest findings in neuroscience and coaching best practice to assist you in removing the blocks to being the version of yourself that you can feel the potential of but not yet grasp.

Creating the ideal conditions for groups of people to have productive conversations that matter to them. Facilitation, hosting and harvesting of community gatherings, business meetings, panel discussions, ideation sessions, change processes, rebranding exercises and more. Online or offline.

I attended facilitation training and use methods from The Art of Hosting to harness the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of groups of any size, inviting people to take charge of the challenges they face.

Combining coaching and hosting with my experience in communications and branding, I help individuals and organisations to get their communications right. In one-to-one or group sessions I ask questions and guide clients in letting themselves be known, online and offline, in a way that truly represents and serves them. We can create an overall communications strategy together, tell your personal or company story in a way that flows, prepare for live or video interviews or think through what kind of marketing can serve you. I have worked with established companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs as well as artists, helping to bridge knowledge and confidence gaps as well as give a new perspective on what needs to be communicated and how.

FoAM is a network of transdisciplinary labs at the intersection of art, science, nature and everyday life. Guided by our motto “grow your own worlds” we cultivate an ecology of practices to re-imagine possible futures, create concrete situations in the present, encourage learning, incite discussions, and suggest alternatives.

Founded in 2018, FoAM Filfla experiments on the intersection of art and circular economies within the Island state of Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, being part of Europe but tectonically based on the African shelf.

A multidisciplinary group of creative people collaborating on experiments in business and the arts. We work on projects within the fields of art and design and support each other on our creative journeys.

An exploration of outdoor space with graphic and exhibition designer Johannes Buch and artist Letta Shtohryn. We take over a parking space for at least two hours and do something in between the lines, inviting on-street conversations, impromptu interactions and creativity about what can be done in the space. Please do get in touch if you wish to collaborate.

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Creating a more feminine-friendly and feminine-empowering world is very important to me.

Permaculture principles are rules to live by.

I studied Geography and hold a teacher’s warrant.

I’m a big fan of Brain Pickings.

Emergence Magazine is my favourite online space at the moment.

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